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The Wallingford and District Art Club (WADAC) has been encouraging artists in and around Wallingford since 1979. The club meets every Tuesday evening at Centre 70, Wallingford.

Members, who are of all abilities come together to improve their own standard of work through practice, mutual support, and friendly criticism.

To find out more please visit our activities page.

Virtual Summer 2020

This year's summer exhibition fell foul of the bug, but we can do this online anyway!! Click here for the virtual experience.

Lots of entries in, so much so that the exhibition has had to move to new premises! Voting has been cancelled - see web page for details.

June Demonstration

Townscape in the Rain in Olis

Paul Simmons

This is the third in our on-line demonstrations. Paul is best known for his vibrant watercolour and oil paintings of landscapes, cityscapes, cafes, and street scenes inspired by his love of light and colour. Connections details to follow.

7:30pm to 9:30pm, on-line

Claire Cross Will Be Back

Claire Cross ex Abingdon Art School has indicated she would be very happy to continue tutoring once we start up. In the meantime, please click here for her first 30min video on a sunflower in watercolour.

BBC4 Life Drawing Live Snaps

A few of us have had a go at the Life Drawing Live. Click here to see the results.

Blogs and Progress

Don't forget to send us any links or images providing progress. To kick this off, try these:

More!! Please!!!

A Drawing Lesson for All

Grant has sent us a Drawing lesson, see below.

And click here for Free live Stream Drawing together Mon, Wed and Friday at 3pm.

2020 Club Programme

Because of the seriousness of the current coronavirus outbreak, we have sadly had to suspend the programme until further notice. We will be looking into other methods of keeping in touch and keeping inspired, so do check this website and your e-mails. Any SAFE ideas are very welcome, please send us an e-mail. I hope that you will all accept our apologies and our desire to see the programme back on track as soon as possible.

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