Stormy moor, Nicola Webb

Acrylic on board

Nicola says:

In 2018 I started taking art classes, when I retired early. Starting from scratch, I had to learn to draw, grasp perspective, tonal contrasts, colour mixing etc and my work was very traditional. In the past year I have deliberately become looser and more expressive and want to continue to become more semi-abstract.

I’m drawn to nature – the wilder the better – and love to paint landscapes and seascapes from photographs. These are mostly Irish and Scottish scenes – lonely lochs, peaceful cottages, and rugged coastlines.

I work in watercolours and acrylic, and vary between using brushes and palette knives. I often add texture with gels or use cling film, sponges and splattering to achieve different effects. I try to add movement and life to my paintings and am drawn to the Scottish school of artists and Fauvists for their audacious use of colour.

I’m learning all the time and find painting totally absorbing!


Stormy moor, Nicola Webb

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