Visit to Stanley Spencer Gallery

Wednesday 12 October 2022

A group of members visited the Stanley Spencer gallery in Cookham, Bucks recently.

“Delight in Nature“ was very enjoyable, especially having his thoughts behind each painting explained. It was also interesting to see his palette and selection of brushes, and the pram he used to wheel his equipment around the village.

The gallery provides a rare opportunity to see an artist’s work in the village where he was born and spent much of his working life.  

Spencer was a truly distinctive student at the Slade, studying alongside such luminaries as Paul Nash, Dora Carrington and Christopher Nevinson. He was acclaimed as highly influential on mid-twentieth century painters such as Hockney, Freud, Bacon; and latterly David Bowie – who was a collector of Spencer works. Billy Connolly is an enthusiast….  Stanley continually surprises those who get to know him.

Visit to Stanley Spencer Gallery

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