October newsletter

Newsletter – October 2022

Hello All,

During our two days at the Bunkfest weekend talking about our club, I realised the article in SAA on their 30 year anniversary is so similar to ours.

WADAC has been on a journey! Set up with an aim to inform, encourage and inspire anyone who wants to paint, regardless of age and experience, it’s grown into a large artist membership community – and of course it couldn’t have achieved that without YOU.

Launched in 1979, and with no idea where this little art club would go, but we knew people loved art. Since then the club has worked with many of the best teaching artists to provide expert tuition through demonstrations, workshops and art classes.

The Club’s stand at the Wallingford BunkFest on 3 & 4 September

It was a great success and club members participated in demonstrations and in promoting the Club. We enrolled three new members and have since received many enquiries via our new website.

The demonstration by Hester Berry on 20 September

Hester gave us a very interesting demo of her approach and style, where she constantly challenges her understanding of painting and explore ways paint can represent effects such as light, time, movement and climate. The recording of the demo has been sent to all members but if you require one please contact admin@wallingfordartclub.org.uk

10 October Monday – Sketch day at the Beetle & Wedge by the river at Moulsford, by invitation from the Watercress Painters of Ewelme. Meet at 10.30am. Trisha Scott from the Watercress Painters will be arranging for a table reservation for those wanting a snack at 1pm, so please let us know if you wish to reserve a place for the snack.

“Drawing and copying are an essential part of the ‘grammar’ of art and embracing its practice is a bit like exercising to improve our fitness for whatever sport we might participate in. The more we draw and copy from the works that inspire us, hopefully the more we will enjoy our art practice and the better we will become at it.” SP

 12 October Wednesday – Visit to Stanley Spencer Gallery at Cookham

So who was Stanley Spencer?   Born in Cookham, a truly distinctive student at the Slade, studying alongside such luminaries as Paul Nash, Dora Carrington and Christopher Nevinson. His study of nature informed and became a part of his figurative work. He delighted in the detail of each leaf and blade – for him everything had meaning.

Depart from Centre 70, Wallingford at 10.30am arriving 11.30am. Snack lunch at 1pm and return to Wallingford 3.30pm.

Gallery Entrance Cost £6.00 or £4.50 for pensioners.

Transport provided by Chris Davies and David Booth at no cost. Numbers will therefore be limited to 8.

18 October Tuesday Demonstration, is an online live demonstration entitled “Sunset in Pastels“  by Les Darlow

Les loves painting skies and thinks they are the key to a great landscape. He has a fascination for storms and extreme weather, whether that is a sunrise at -20 degrees in winter, a snowstorm, a stunning sunset or a growing supercell in the height of summer; these are the key elements to his painting. He is really intrigued by skies and has studied them in some detail, having gone to great lengths studying a little meteorology and taking to the sky in a light aircraft to get even more information about their three dimensional depth. Clouds are constantly growing, dissipating, moving and changing colour and this understanding helps him.

Our demonstrations are held at 7.30pm online and we are hoping to be showing at the Centre 70 for those that wish to join us. To join online, please email: admin@wallingfordfordartclub.org.uk  or davidbooth7@outlook.com for zoom link etc.  All viewing is free to members, friends of the club and local artists/clubs, as part of our “Art into the Community” project.

Tuesday morning and afternoon art classes recommenced on the 13 September Current Term, ends 18 October:  Following Term, 1 November to 6 December 2022.

The morning class is fully booked this term but the afternoon class needs another 4 attendees to make it viable. We are looking at the content of the class to see if we can meet a wider audience.

Tuesday – Club members’ drop in and  social evenings, 7-9pm. Club members meet up to paint together and chat. You’ll find some of them trying things for the first time, whether with pencil or paints for example. Others may bring along projects in oil, acrylic or watercolour that they work on over a number of weeks. Everyone is happy to talk about their work and share what they have learned in and have a chat with fellow artists at all levels. The number of members attending has increased and we are pleased to say Jeff Barker has re-joined us. “Welcome back Jeff.” It’s a great chance for non-members thinking of joining the club to drop in one evening, as a visitor, to meet members and to get to know the club. All club members are willing to help all new artists at all levels and using any of the media.

If you are interested in joining us on any of our events or the club, please contact davidbooth7@outlook.com or admin@wallingfordartclub.org.uk  or tel.  01491 681400.

The club meets at Centre 70, Kinecroft, off Goldsmith’s Lane, Wallingford, OX10 0DN

October newsletter

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