Summer beach, Paul Ross

Paul has been a keen photographer for many years and started painting fairly recently, when he took early retirement. Paul paints mainly in acrylics, using his dramatic landscape and urban photography, as reference, employing a semi-abstracted, vivid style.    

Wittenham Clumps, Mark Wood

Mark Wood is a well-known Wallingford artist, painting delightful, gentle watercolours of landmark local scenes. Recently he has focused on vibrant, atmospheric acrylic landscapes

Sunrise, David Booth

David Booth works in all mediums but favours oil on canvas, painting reflective landscapes, portraits and still lives.

Rabbits Hill Ewelme, Brian Butcher

Brian Butcher is an experinece artist, able to tackle most subjects, using most media. His preferred media is oil on canvas and he paints reflective landscapes and vibrant street scenes

Stormy moor, Nicola Webb

Acrylic on board Nicola says: In 2018 I started taking art classes, when I retired early. Starting from scratch, I had to learn to draw, grasp perspective, tonal contrasts, colour mixing etc and my work was very traditional. In the past year I have deliberately become looser and more expressive and want to continue to […]

Lily Pond, Gavin Peacock

Gavin Peacock works mainly in oils and acrylics, looking for great compositions with plenty of depth and atmosphere. Many of his paintings are from his imagination

Bahamian cafe life, Geoff Johnson

Art has always been a passion of mine and I studied Fine Art at Loughborough University, before becoming an art teacher at secondary school. After teaching on the Isle of Wight for over 20 years, a change was needed and I went to work in the Bahamas. Whilst the sun and sea was wonderful, the […]

Spring, Doreen Smith

Generally, I paint in oils and am at the moment experimenting with wax/oil. Typically, I paint landscapes, animals and still life.