ARCHIVE: October demo: vibrant street scene in oil

On Tuesday 17th October, artist Anne Blankson-Hemans gave a demo on Zoom on painting a vibrant street scene in oil.

The finished painting is shown below.

Anne has three elements she tries to bring to her work: composition to draw the viewer’s eye into the painting, colour to attract, and contrast to add depth. The more she develops as an artist, the more she finds herself thinking consciously of these aspects and now starts every painting with a thumbnail sketch.

In terms of subject matter, it really depends on what draws her attention, though in the main she leans towards the figurative and landscape. It could be a bustling African market scene with bright colours and loads of energy, or the cool tranquil colours of an English landscape. Anne is quite fortunate to have the span of two cultures and continents, having grown up in Ghana and now living in the UK.

She was selected to take part in two BBC TV programmes: ‘Show Me the Monet’ (BBC2) and ‘The Big Painting Challenge (BBC1) and featured in a number of publications. Anne has exhibited at the Mall Galleries, RBA and SWA, among other shows.

Anne studied Fine Art at the College of Art, KNUST University, in Ghana and moved to the UK in 1984. She is a multi-award winning artist and a full member of the Society of Women Artists. Her website is:

Anne Blankson-Hemans, VPSWA
Twitter: @AnneBH_Art
Instagram: AnneBH_Art
Facebook: @AnneBHArt14

ARCHIVE: October demo: vibrant street scene in oil

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