ARCHIVE: October demo -Sunset in Pastels

Demonstration live online by Les Darlow
Tuesday 18 October 2022 at 7.30pm.

Les Darlow loves painting skies and thinks they are the key to a great landscape. He has a fascination for storms and extreme weather, whether that is a sunrise at -20 degrees in winter, a snow storm, a stunning sunset or a growing supercell in the height of summer, these are the key elements to his painting.

He is really intrigued by skies and has studied them in some detail, having gone to great lengths studying a little meteorology and taking to the sky in a light aircraft to get even more information about their three dimensional depth. Clouds are constantly growing, dissipating, moving and changing colour and this understanding helps him.

He gave us another of his excellent demonstration in the use of Panpastels.

Below are the three pictures Les created during the evening, middle picture took him 50mins, to the left 30min and to the right 15mins.

  1. On Pastelmat grey paper
  2. and 3. On Cason Mi Teintes with Water based ink over the top

Les’s approach to painting a landscape is based on composition. His objective is to create light, energy and movement in the work. Water based medium is slightly rejected by the Panpastel which helps create this technique of broken lines suggesting grass, trees, walls stones etc. It sort of takes out the need to be so precise.

ARCHIVE: October demo -Sunset in Pastels

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