Life drawing code of conduct

As part of our dedication to providing a safe, welcoming environment for our life classes, WADAC is committed to observing certain protocols. We like to provide the correct and comfortable temperature for the model in the studio, the cleanliness of any props and adequate privacy from outsiders. In the case of Centre 70 and any other venues, we ask that curtains remain closed throughout the session and that radiators and heaters remain at the temperature the model chooses. It is also important that we give the model a private and undisturbed area to change in.

It is extremely important that the model feels comfortable amongst us; modelling is an extremely skilled job and requires considerable concentration by the model to maintain a constant pose. As part of respect for the model we are conscious that it is important that neither our tutor nor our students make personal comments about the model. There will be times when the model accidently moves during a pose and, as artists, we must accept that does happen and must work with it.

In order to ensure that classes run smoothly, we ask that by the time the model is ready to begin each pose, everyone is set up with easels, tables and materials in place. The concentration required by model and students alike can easily be disturbed and put artists and model off. If you are late for a class, please wait quietly until the particular pose underway has finished and then join the group as quickly and quietly as possible.

Only the tutor or someone designated by the tutor should direct the poses, change lighting or heating. It is vital that no one other than the tutor approaches the model. The model must never be touched by either the tutor or any artist and a clear indication must be made at all times by the tutor if they intend to approach the model. This will ensure the model feels comfortable and safe. Please do not photograph the model at any time, this applies to both tutor and artists, unless written permission is given by the model. Please put all mobile phones on silent and keep them in your bag as the model cannot tell if they might have been photographed when a phone is being picked up.

Please refrain from talking about how the model looks during the session or within earshot of the model (or anyone else). Not all poses are going to be easy or seem at the time to have a particular purpose, but the tutor is aiming to challenge, inspire and ensure all students have the opportunity to depict the model from different angles.

We aim to provide an art school environment with silence during the poses, as talking is off putting for both the model and the other artists. The tutor will talk to the group as a whole and to individuals about their work which is an opportunity for others to listen in and maybe glean a little gem.

Coffee breaks are important, as this gives us all a comfort break and the model, a chance to relax. Please give the model this opportunity to relax, maybe offer them a hot or cold drink, but refrain from disturbing their private time. Coffee breaks are however a good time to see what everyone has been doing and to ask about what others have learnt. Please do not discuss the model in a personal way or have a moan if he/she moved a bit during the pose, to avoid causing upset. Good models are difficult to come by and if they have a good experience with us they will be keen to come back.

Because our models are often travelling on to other classes afterwards, please allow them to leave quickly after the class has concluded.

WADAC are very keen to encourage life drawing classes as they are extremely valuable to all artists, both the beginner and the advanced. They offer the opportunity for artists of all skill levels to study together and those more experienced to inspire those new to art.

We trust that you will greatly enjoy our classes as much as we enjoy holding them.

Thank you.

WADAC Committee