The December Art Show 2020

Exhibition and sale of works by local artists.

Featuring over the Whole of Decemeber and January
Full virtual catelogue on-line on this website Selected works were on display at 21 St. Martins Street, Wallingford

Due to coronavirus and all that, we've had to make a few changes. The full catalogue was on-line this winter, giving fast and easy browsing. Public viewing was available through the shop window, giving the real thing, but alas only up to about 12 paintings at one time. Submissions are now closed.


Click on the artist below to see their submitted works.
Click on a painting to enlarge, then click again for details.

Virtual Gallery

Click here to enter the virtual gallery. This will take you on a random walk through the rooms you see above. To take a closer look at any of the paintings, press Stop and then use your mouse to drag the view around or the mouse wheel to move forward or backward.

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