2021 Tutored Art Classes at Centre 70

We offer 6 week terms giving 7 regular terms in the year but with breaks to accommodate state half terms. A Summer term will run if required.

Morning classes are for beginners to advanced artist working on their own work with the guidance of two tutors.

3hrs £80 per 6 weeks

Afternoon improvers/advanced working with our new tutor, Grant Waters, on a variety of projects.

2.5hrs £75 per 6 weeks - but drop in for a taster for £15

Tuesday Morning Classes

10.00 to 13.00hr, £80 for 6-week term

Suitable for all levels and all mediums (Watercolour, Acrylics, Oils, Pastels, Pencils, Charcoal, and Inks)

Class starts with a short demonstration/workshop, by the tutor Claire Cross, in various techniques as requested by class members.

Members then continue with their own paintings/drawing, that they brought with them to the class, and receive tutoring by Claire Cross during the morning.

Capturing the moon
Colour mixing
Quick trees and bushes

Tuesday Afternoon Classes

Suitable for those that are looking for assistance through lessons in all aspects of painting/drawing. Each week the Tutor Grant Waters will set a theme based on requests from members of the class. For example, the use of black/white to capture the tones then the Pots are glazed in burnt sienna, burnt umber, white & liquin.

Inside looking out
Groups of people

WADAC Term Dates

For details - Contact admin@wallingfordaetclub.org.uk Tel 01491 681400

Our Tutors

Our morning tutor, Claire, is an experienced professional artist. She will work with all members on an individual basis during the classes. She will encourage learning the basics of drawing and painting; will work alongside each artist to help and guide them to produce paintings and drawings they will be proud of. Our tutor has taught many beginners as well as experienced artists and will have an extensive library of art books and materials which they will bring to the classes to inspire the participants. There will be some demonstrations and group projects within the classes as required.

The afternoon sessions are tutored by Grant Waters. Grant is a professional portrait artist based in Oxfordshire. He works and teaches in all mediums . He has put on local one-man shows and is also a member of Oxford Art Society, where he regularly exhibits. When not painting Grant teaches and has a BA Hons in Professional Studies in Education. He has over twenty years' experience with Oxfordshire Adult Learning, offering courses in all mediums, The theme of the classes change every two weeks, week one studying and practising the techniques and second week produce a painting/drawing using the technique learnt from week one.

Class Content

Artists are welcome to work in a variety of mediums including crayons, charcoal, watercolour, acrylics, oils, coloured pencils, mixed media to name a few.

The aim of the classes is to be friendly, enthusiastic and supportive with a relaxed approach to learning to paint and draw.