Summer Exhibition 2020

The 2020 WADAC Annual Art Exhibition was to be held at Centre 70 in Wallingford on Saturday 30th May and Sunday 31st May. Nevermind, we can still shout about the work we have done. The theme for the exhibition was movement, so expect the odd dynamic piece of artwork. This page is still open to contributions from members and will be updated regularly.

Due to irregularities in the vote, we are sorry to announce that the vote has been cancelled. We feel everyone that has made an effort to get the exhibition going deserves an honest contest, and it would not be fair to publish the results. We thank you for all your work and enthusiasm and hope you enjoy the rest of the exhibition. We also thank you for your wonderful feedback, a selection of these comments is included below.


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Virtual Gallery

Click here to enter the virtual gallery. This will take you on a random walk through the rooms you see above. To take a closer look at any of the paintings, press Stop and then use your mouse to drag the view around or the mouse wheel to move forward or backward.

Some beautiful artwork which made it difficult to choose who to vote for. Well done everybody!
Fabulous work and impressive exhibition
I love Morning Light at the Newt Pong because it is atmospheric and ethereal with superb use of watercolour and other media. The overall effect transports the viewer to a beautiful place . Thanks to Gavin for all his hard work in putting this exhibition together.
Difficult decision with Gavin's Bunkfest Bubble a close second followed by Robert's Island Hopping and Ana's Greemore Ponds1 and Kim's Tree Hugging. Excellent presentation - great work by all those involved. Jeff B
An outstanding exhibition!
A really fascinating exhibition , many quite splendid paintings . Thank you for doing this .
So hard to choose just one! Many thanks to those who made this virtual Summer Exhibition 2020 happen