Portrait in Acrylics

Online Talk and Presentation by

Hashim Akib

Before becoming a painter Hashim worked as an illustrator in the UK for over 15 years where he lay the foundations to his drawing and learned about conceptual ideas and various painting techniques Hashim uses heavy textural paint and expressive brush strokes to bring greater depth and mood to each of his paintings. His subjects are predominately portraits, street scenes, preferably with crowds and strong sunlight, and marinescapes. His style has developed over the years from being extremely detailed to becoming much bolder and freer with an impressionistic touch.

His first book entitled Vibrant Acrylics was published in 2012 and his latest book on Painting Portraits in Acrylics was published in 2019.

Tuesday 21st September 2021 at 7:30pm

Hashim Akib is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom Demonstration On behalf Wallingford Art Club Join our Zoom site by 7.25pm Non-members Welcome Contact admin@wallingfordartclub.org.uk